Aug 12 • 57M

Actualising Special Insight (part 03)

Episode 26

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Lama John Buchanan
Join acclaimed yoga and Tibetan Buddhist teacher John Buchanan in this lighthearted conversational podcast series.
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In this episode, Lama John concludes reading from the “Actualising Special Insight” chapter of Kamalaśīla’s “Stages of Meditation.” After a brief introduction on the idea of non-conceptuality, Lama John explains how the practice of effortless perception can lead us to the point where we see the empty nature of the meditative object of the self. From this perspective, our meditation can then drop into cruise control — not too tight, not too loose — that allows the miracle of meditation transcendence to take place, effortlessly.

Image by Сергей Ремизов from Pixabay

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